Ross Menzies

I have been a practising herbalist for the past 15 years, running a clinic and treating many people with a wide range of imbalances. I have found plants to have wonderful healing properties as does just sitting and listening to peoples’ stories.

It has been my strong connection to the natural world and my desire to work with people in a deep and meaningful way that has inspired me for much of my life. In earlier years I worked with people who had learning difficulties and mental health issues. It was in this work that I fully realised how much I enjoy working with people and helping facilitate an opening and greater sense of self and the confidence to express this .

I very much enjoy teaching herbal medicine and have taught on a professional course for herbalists as well as teaching medical students and people wishing to have the confidence to begin using and gathering herbs.

When I formed Let’s Get Growing with Katrina in 2008, we both had a vision of using nature and gardening to help people find a deeper sense of well being . We have worked with children in local schools and in 2009 began creating a garden with many groups and individuals in which to run sessions for people with a wide range of needs. The core of this is still the sense that friendship, respect and the natural world can be combined to promote healing and meaning .

Katrina Padmore

I have been inspired by plants, gardens and gardening all my life and am passionate about using these to nurture and inspire others.

After bringing up a family of 4 children in rural Northumberland, I have now worked in horticulture for 11 years. Since 2008, I have been magically drawing together all the strands of my interests and previous work experience in helping to establish Let’s Get Growing. As well as being the Company Secretary, I am a Project Co-ordinator for the organisation and have relished helping to develop two school garden projects and a therapeutic gardening project at Minsteracres for those with varying physical and mental health needs. This has fulfilled a long-held desire to explore the possibilities of gardening as therapy, based on my own personal experience of healing in nature.

I enjoy running workshops and like to work intuitively and to incorporate my love of poetry in my teaching.