Gardening with Schools

“Let’s Get Growing has tapped into the ‘inner gardener’ of so many of our children, teaching them where their food originates and how it grows. It is a joy to see such young children be so enthusiastic about gardening.”

Judith Meek, Headteacher of Hexham East First School

Let's Get Growing works with local schools to create and maintain productive gardens with full participation from pupils and the local community. This offers children the opportunity to experience the simple pleasures of sowing seeds, nurturing plants and harvesting produce. Through gardening, we help them to explore issues around food, such as healthy eating, the benefits of seasonal local produce and the importance of gardening in a sustainable way with respect for wildlife and the environment.

In our experience, getting children out into the fresh air with their hands in the soil, having fun growing their own fruit and vegetables can actively support many aspects of the school curriculum in a practical and creative way. It encourages teamwork and builds confidence, especially in children who may not perform well in the classroom. We also incorporate garden-inspired art-based activities, stories and poetry into our school workshops.