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As we come to the beginning of August, we feel the beginnings of a shift in the season. Traditionally this is the time of the first harvest, when the festival of Lammas was celebrated to give thanks for the bounty of the crops that had been grown. Nature was honoured for the fertility of what she had provided and the community gathered to feast and dance together after all the hard work that had gone into working the land.

In the Peace Garden, we are in awe of just how abundant our veg plot has been this year, after an initially unpromising, cold, slow start to the growing year.

Thursday is our day for harvesting and we work flat out to pick vegetables, fruit and herbs. This is a popular and satisfying job and there are many good conversations to be had whilst rummaging amongst the broad beans or the mangetout to find every last elusive pod.

Some of our participants take home a veg box with a selection of produce and a couple of recipe ideas for inspiration, but the bulk of the veg is sold to the Angel Inn in Corbridge to help raise funds to support the project. It is a source of pride that the produce is valued by such a highly-regarded local restaurant and we enjoy seeing how their menu evolves in response to what we deliver.

Occasionally the whole group turn their hand to preparing their own home-cooked lunch in our Sanctuary building, which is a great opportunity for learning new skills which can be taken away and used at home.

Growing from seed, tending, harvesting, preparing and cooking produce is a real seed to fork experience and there is nothing to beat it. You can probably see from the photo that we are suitably pleased with our efforts and grateful for the incredible bounty of the garden.