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Best Buddies - Bryan and Vincent

At Minsteracres Peace Garden, our gardening therapy group always enjoy getting creative with scarecrows. These serve to help keep the birds away from newly-planted vegetable seedlings and to provide some humorous sculptural interest in the garden. Winter-time is usually the opportune moment to give the scarecrows a make-over and this provides a great indoor team activity for cold, wet days.

The latest addition to our family of scarecrows had been much discussed through last winter, but finally made it into the garden with his wheelbarrow in time for the 2018 growing season and has produced much comment from visitors. Captured here with our trusty grass-cutter, Bryan Green, Vincent, as he has been nicknamed by our participants (apparently he resembles Vincent van Gogh) spends his time casually pushing his rusted wheelbarrow across the garden, looking very suave in his panama hat. From the entrance gate, he is remarkably life-like and we hope the birds think so too!

A new enterprise this season is a photographic record of the group’s activities through the seasons of the gardening year and keen photographer and long-standing participant, Andrew da Costa, has been kept busy taking interesting shots and editing them for our new album with support from volunteer, Veronica Bell. Other participants have enjoyed coming up with humorous captions for the pictures and we look forward to having a vibrant visual record in lieu of the written diary we have kept in the past. Thank you Andrew for this great shot of Bryan and Vincent – we’d like to eavesdrop on the craic when no-one’s looking!