'Wild Ideas' Our seasonal blog with some thoughts and inspiration from nature

As we head into March and feel the signs of spring around us in the Peace Garden, we begin to anticipate and prepare for the growing season ahead and to feel the first signs of an inner expansion and hopefulness. After a long, cold winter through which we were all significantly restricted as a result of the pandemic, it is a joy to see the first bulbs poking through the soil and to hear the birds busy with mating and nest-building. Despite generally cold weather, we have had some sunny days and found ourselves peeling off layers of winter clothing as we work in the garden, spreading compost and digging. Our first broad bean and letttuce seeds are already filling our greenhouse to bursting and the first of our onion sets have been planted into the ground.

There is great reassurance in the seasonal rhythms of the gardening year, particularly when the world in general has been so beset with fear and anxiety. Spring never fails to work its magic and we are particularly relishing our usual routine of sharing a moment of quiet together with our gardening therapy group at the start and end of the day before launching into our sharing circle. We sit, close our eyes and simply listen and feel the natural world around us for a few minutes. This is a great way to let go of thoughts, concerns and mindless chatter and to come fully into our bodies and our senses, before we listen to each others’ news and move into practical gardening tasks for the day. It also enables us to release our busyness before we head home. Even group members who are challenged by being still increasingly find value in this shared quiet.

“The quieter you become

The more you are able to hear”

(Jelaluddin Rumi)