'Wild Ideas' Our seasonal blog with some thoughts and inspiration from nature

It's always special when the apple blossom appears in the Peace Garden and this year it's especially wonderful to see it so plentiful after last year's blossom was damaged by late and heavy frosts. As spring triggers new growth in the garden, our gardening therapy team springs into action planting seeds for the greenhouse and then planting out the seedlings that follow in our veg area. It can seem hard to keep up with all that needs doing, but we make sure we find time for leisurely tea breaks and chats, as well as walks in the beautiful Minsteracres estate. We also enjoy a wide range of art and craft activities and, from time to time, cook our own homemade lunch. This is the time of year when we try our hand at nettle soup, which converts most doubters with its zingy green freshness (it doesn't sting, by the way!)

We feel very privileged both to have such a beautiful base for our project and also to have such a great group of people. With an age range of 22 to 82 and an incredibly diverse mix of backgrounds and needs, it is a great teaching ground for accepting difference and caring for others. We are always touched by how well our intergenerational, mixed group approach works and the support and tolerance which participants show for each other. When we are in the Peace garden, we are all simply gardeners and we all have something unique to offer.