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Let's draw the curtains
Wintertime brings a change of activities for our gardening therapy group. We continue wrapping up warm to go outside for winter walks and tackle seasonal jobs in the garden in preparation for the next growing season, which always arrives sooner than expected. However, we also cosy up in our beautiful Sanctuary building in front of the woodburner and share art-based and cooking activities.

And yes, we really are colouring in the curtains that now hang proudly in the tool shed. This engaged us all, whatever our needs and abilities - who needs a Sanderson print?  There was much peaceful chatter and laughter as we worked together to complete this project and the end result will cheer us every time we open the shed door to fetch a spade.

We have a person-centred approach to all our activities, which aim to engage whoever is part of the group and to respond to their needs on the day. Our relaxed informality softens the boundaries between staff, volunteers and participants and encourages spontaneous sharing and a sense of being a valued part of the garden community, which are both fundamental to promoting social confidence and mental wellbeing. It is a joy to see how beneficial this is for everyone, whatever their diverse backgrounds and needs. And, by the way, we can recommend the creative satisfaction of colouring your own curtains.