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Beauty in a time of Uncertainty

In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have deepened our appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. In our therapeutic garden at Minsteracres, our wildlife pond has been a particular source of joy this year. As we are prompted to reflect on how we can best support our immune systems and stay healthy, we realise that, inevitably, personal health must also sit within the wider context of a healthy and bio-diverse environment. Both of these are closely linked with what we do as an organisation in maintaining an organic garden with those experiencing a variety of mental health difficulties and teaching them healthy eating awareness and skills.

This year, for the first time, in response to the unique challenges of the pandemic, we have initiated an organic veg box scheme for our participants and other vulnerable members of the local community, with a recipe newsletter to help recipients make the best use of the fresh produce in their box. Growing our own pesticide-free food and finding simple, tasty  ways to enjoy cooking and eating it is an antidote to the chaos in the world at present and seems to bring us back to basics in a very constructive way.

As always we do this in a caring, supportive group setting which values people for who they are and helps to reduce some of the anxiety which is circulating so widely at the moment. It feels as if the work of Let's Get Growing has never been more needed than at the present time and we are grateful to be able to offer something of benefit when there is such a general pervading sense of helplessness.

We are aware that our very generous partner in this is nature herself and are continually delighted both by the productivity of our sizeable veg plot and the undeniable beauty of the flowers and wildlife that share the garden with. We hope that everyone who works with us in the garden goes away feeling nurtured, more in balance and with an enhanced sense of respect and care for this precious world in which we live.