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Welcome to Let's Get Growing, a registered charity, passionate about sharing the benefits of engaging with the natural world and tending a garden.

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order"

John Burroughs

Let’s Get Growing is a registered charity (registration no. 1172662), specialising in horticultural therapy. We work with people who have a wide range of physical and mental health needs and offer a person centred, non-institutional and friendly service. Most importantly, we share a belief that supporting people of varying needs (including early onset dementia, mental health issues, mild learning difficulties and physical health issues) to be more in touch with nature is transformative and has myriad benefits and learning opportunities.


Alongside teaching practical horticultural skills, we aim to help people develop self-esteem and social confidence in a supportive group environment. We also strive to promote healthy lifestyle choices and support people to develop the skills and confidence to cook healthy meals using simple ingredients (many of which they have grown themselves).


We began as a not-for profit social enterprise in 2008 and registered as a company limited by guarantee in 2010 before becoming a charity in 2014. There are currently4 members on the board of trustees who between them bring a wide range of skills and experience in horticulture, psychiatry (for older people), education, social care, communications and business management.


We have a wonderful team of 10 volunteers with backgrounds in social care, education, occupational therapy, mental health, medicine and horticulture. This allows us to offer those who attend skilled and personalised support.

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